AIMS is committed to providing all its customers with technical support services to enable them to use our software solutions to their maximum advantage. AIMS strong technical support team comprises experienced and professional system engineers, analysts and developers, who are trained, certified and always up-to-date with the latest versions of the software and hardware products that we are supporting at our customer sites.

Our support services are provided to our customers both during the post-implementation warranty period and after the warranty period as per the terms of our Service Level Agreements (SLA) and maintenance contracts with our customers.

AIMS Software Support Services include troubleshooting and fixing of all reported problems, telephone and on-site assistance, delivery and installation of new versions of software, documentation and media, as well as training on new features and new releases of software.

AIMS engineers will service all hardware supplied by AIMS to customers (e.g. scanners, printers etc.) and maintain them in good working condition. All defective hardware will be replaced by temporary units so as to give users the maximum uptime. AIMS keeps adequate stock of spare parts and spare units in its inventory. AIMS also operates a Help Desk, which serves as a single point of contact for all our customers. We deploy skilled and trained telephone operators who serve as the first line of support and who will respond to customers calls and initiate support processes.

All problems not resolved by the Help Desk operators are assigned to qualified and experienced AIMS engineers who provide second line support, according to the type of problem. All calls are tracked on AIMS CA Unicentre Service Desk software until they are resolved to the satisfaction of the user. AIMS keeps close track of Help Desk performance through a series of statistical reports that identify number of calls, average and maximum response time, resolution time, down time, waiting times etc. A continuous improvement process will be followed to enhance the overall performance and the productivity of the services, and to ensure that we adhere to the terms of our service level agreement with our customers.

AIMS support working hours are in line with customers requirements. We offer support during customers working hours and offer stand-bye and on-call support beyond official working hours. 24/7 support is also provided to customers when required by the terms of our maintenance contracts.

In the absence of a maintenance contract, AIMS also provides technical support to customers on a per-call basis, as needed.