AIMS Institute for Private Training has been established to support development programs in national institutions. Among its objectives, the institute aims to:

  • Support the Kuwaiti economic and development plans by training its people to become primary and active roles in these plans.
  • Support national employment in the face of technological, administrative, economic and social challenges.
  • Provide in-house training for Oil & Gas companies.


  • Oracle Application Training
  • Oracle Database Training
  • Oracle Enterprise Management Training
  • Oracle Industries Training
  • Oracle Operating Systems Training
  • Oracle Cloud Training
  • Oracle Systems Training
  • Oracle Virtualization Training


  • Wand is a unique content creation & sharing platform, that enables teachers to create better lessons, in a matter of minutes, deliver them on any device or platform and get actionable data on student progress using student reports
  • Extremely useful for teachers to prepare authentic, home- grown educational content, customized for the students in front of them;
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